The magnificent Red Rocks of Arbatax

Arbatax, Rocce Rosse

In his “Terre d’Italia” (Bompiani, Milan 2006), art historian Cesare Brandi wonders, “How could we not think of Greece, seeing the sickle of the Gulf of Arbatax in the distance, looking like it were made of honey and pistachios?”

Closer to the beach of this spectacular marine village in the province of Nuoro – facing the majestic cliffs of Ogliastra and the Gulf of Orosei – the red porphyry rocks and the white granite cliffs take over the landscape’s palette.

The Red Rocks of Arbatax emerge from the sea, like fiery architectural details designed by time.

Photos via: ©Silvia D’Ippolito, ©Angelo Melis, ©Michele Pili, ©massimo aimone, ©aurelio candido

August 3, 2017

The magnificent Red Rocks of Arbatax

Abatax, Tortolì (Nuoro)