The legendary beauty of Lake Tovel

lago di Tovel, Val di Non, provincia di Trento - Lake Tovel, Non Valley, province of Trento

Up to just fifty years ago, the waters of Lake Tovel – in the Non Valley, in the province of Trento – used to turn red in the summer.

People – who’ve come here at almost 2,000 meters of altitude since Antiquity – of course came up with a famous legend to explain the phenomenon.

They say the queen of Ragoli, Tresenga, refused the matrimonial pursuits of foreign sovereign Lavinio, who wished to expand his kingdom by incorporating her territory through marriage.

When the king insisted, a battle broke out on the shores of the lake, and the blood of the soldiers – mostly subjects of Tresenga, slaughtered with their queen during the fight – turned the lake red.

In truth, the crimson color of Lake Tovel’s waters was due to red algae, the Tovellia sanguinea. But while the algae have not bloomed here since 1964, beauty keeps flourishing every season of the year.

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November 13, 2017

The legendary beauty of Lake Tovel

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