The Kook restaurant in Rome

Some of the words carved on the cement and wood walls of Rome’s Kook point out the restaurant’s kitchen (“Cucina”) and bar. Others encourage you to stop thinking so much, and start drinking instead: “Beviamoci su”. There is even an old adage: “Matto, furioso e privo di buon senso è chi del pasto non gode ogni senso”, which defines as crazy, insane, and utterly devoid of common sense anyone who eats a meal without enjoying it with all of the senses.

All of these words are, explicitly or not, useful indications upon entering this bewildering venue, designed by the Noses Architects creative team near Olgiata, on Via Cassia.

The brief disorientation is the desired result of a beneficial alienating effect: everything at Kook is meant to tickle the taste and jog the memory. From the Bianchi bicycle hanging on a wall to the ancient olive tree, protected by a glass case; from the traditional recipes to the most refined, postmodern dishes on the menu.

All you have to do is accept the exhortation and follow the words’ lead, effortlessly.

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December 13, 2013

The Kook restaurant in Rome

Via Cassia, 2040
+ 39 06 3088 0456