The Island of the Pescheria dear to poets’ heart

L’Isola della Pescheria di Treviso

Giovanni Comisso once wrote that the fish market in Treviso “was held on the small island on the Cagnan and was the most charming fish market in the world, floating on the water.”

The Island of the Pescheria was created in the second half of the 1800s by joining three islets in the river and moving the old fish market there, separating it from the city center for better hygiene.

You can reach the river – the Cagnan Grande even Dante mentioned in canto IX of his “Paradise”, referencing Treviso and the proud tyrant who ruled over the city in the early 14th century – by taking Vicolo dei Buranelli, part of the poetic journey across Treviso we went on in a previous article, which also mentioned local author Comisso.

And speaking of poets, even British literary critic Donald Davie (1922-1995) dedicated a short lyric of sixteen verses – titled “Treviso. The Pescheria” – to this “fish-wives’ island”.

Photos via: ©ALDO FURLANETTO, ©FRANCO CELANT, ©Alessandro Donè, ©Luciano Terzi

November 20, 2017

The Island of the Pescheria dear to poets’ heart

Isola della Pescheria