The Huginn&Muninn sauna and Atelier Forte’s creative philosophy

Sauna Huginn&Muninn, Atelier Forte, Milano

The Huginn&Muninn sauna is heated by woodstove and features portholes that allow two guests to enjoy the beautiful outside landscape.

It was named after the two crows – in turned named with the Norse words for “Thought” and “Memory” – who in Scandinavian myth are sent out into the world by their owner, god Odin, so they can report back on what they see. The sauna is a fir wood structure, built by hand on the hills outside Piacenza. It was designed by Atelier Forte, a creative hub Duilio Forte founded in 1998 in Milan.

Atelier Forte’s work philosophy is defined in the manifesto elaborated for ArkiZoik, a movement Forte founded in 2009 (year of the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth).

In this evocative and original declaration, the Milanese (with Swedish origins) architect states, “Shape in ArkiZoic is organic, multi-level, born out of dynamics and movement, complex and articulate, and develops through inclines and intersections; it is not precise, but flawed and discontinued, dangerous at times and unfinished. It never presents two perfectly identical elements. It seeks order and hierarchy, manifests itself in symmetry and rhythm, and is elevated by contrasts and harmony,”

“An artistic style”, Forte continues, “founded on the centrality of a vital spirit, a breath, an ‘anemos’ that indubitably has brought to life our planet for the past 450 million years. Atelier Forte prominently uses two main materials: wood and iron.”

And here is a beautiful example of its work.

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May 19, 2017

The Huginn&Muninn sauna and Atelier Forte’s creative philosophy

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