The Sculptures of Mont’e Prama


Here are the sculptures of Mont’e Prama: archers, warriors and boxers carved in sandstone, two meters tall, and approximately 2,800 years old. They “lived” on the Sinis di Cabras peninsula, in Southwestern Sardinia.

Re-discovered after 1974 on the site where a necropolis had developed after the 11th century BC, these amazing statues represent young men armed for war with shields and swords, bows and quivers, or equipped with the gloves required in the “Noble art”.

Today, they are on display at the Giovanni Marongiu Civic Museum in Cabras and at Cagliari’s National Archaeological Museum.

Experts still debate the meaning of the spectacular complex they belonged to – with 27 anthropomorphic statues dating back to the 8th century BC, found with the remains of 16 nuraghe and 9 betili (large truncated cone stones, typical in burials from the Nuragic Age).

Some say they represented figures from the most important social classes, others believe they were mythical heroes at the center of Nuragic legends.

Here they are, in all their fierce beauty.

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June 27, 2018

The Sculptures of Mont’e Prama

Mont'e Prama (Cabras, Oristano)
Mont'e Prama Archaeological Site - Museo Civico Giovanni Marongiu (Cabras) - Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Cagliari)