The Giant Grotto in Sgonico: record-breaking beauty

Grotta Gigante di Sgonico, sul Carso triestino - Giant Grotto in Sgonico, on Trieste's Karst

Some travel guides claim the Giant Grotto in Sgonico – on Trieste’s Karst Plateau – could contain the entire Basilica of Saint Peter. That might not be entirely true, but the magnificent cavity certainly has record-breaking dimensions.

Formed some ten million years ago and discovered in the late 19th century by speleologist Anton Federico Lindner, it is the touristic cave with the largest natural cavity in the world.

The figures are astounding: 100 meters in height, almost 170 in length, and almost 80 in width make for 365,000 cubic meters in volume. The calcareous formations scattered in the space are also quite formidable in size: the Ruggero Column – the queen stalagmite of the cave – is 12 meters tall.

The Grotto is open for visits throughout the year.

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December 16, 2016

The Giant Grotto in Sgonico: record-breaking beauty

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