The Garden of Palm Trees in Gaeta


In Gaeta a splendid botanical garden is home to 150 different species of palm tree – and therefore is known as the Garden of Palm Trees, although it has many other plants as well.

Indeed, in this space of approximately two hectares, divided into thirteen terraces that descend towards the Gulf of Gaeta, many specimens of the Arecaceae family have grown from seeds gathered around the world, right next to many other botanical tropical and subtropical species, some of which are rare and risk extinction in their country of origin.

The Garden of Palm Trees is located in Monte Orlando and is one of FAI’s “Places of the Heart”, curated by the Nicola Dal Roscio Foundation, which since 2010, has taken on – among other things – the environmental and landscape renovation of degraded areas.

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September 10, 2018

The Garden of Palm Trees in Gaeta

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