The flight of the Stanguellini “Ala d’Oro”

The Stanguellini Barchetta Ala d’Oro (literally, “golden wing”) was born in 1943 out of the imagination of Francesco Stanguellini, son of the founder of the homonymous sports car maker in Modena in 1900. The company, despite its small size, enjoyed a glorious history of victories, even over its more famous “cousins” at Ferrari.

Francesco had a passion for racecars, and was described as “the engine wizard” by the press for his ability to build light and powerful cars by transforming other models’ frames and engines. One day he drew the first sketch of this splendid vehicle (1,110cc, 45hp, 185 kilometers per hour at top speed), which would win the Italian Sportscar Championship in 1946 and 1947.

The wonderful design of the Ala d’Oro still lets the imagination soar.

December 17, 2013