The Ferrania Rondine, made for talented beginners

Ferrania Rondine 1948

In 1948, Ferrania launched the Rondine, a camera so easy to use it was specifically meant for beginners.

That target included a very young Oliviero Toscani: born in 1942, he was the son of a “Corriere della Sera” press photographer, and is now one of Italy’s most famous photographers in the world.

Toscani has said, “I was five years old when my father gave me my first camera, a Ferrania Rondine. I started using it right away to capture my Lenci felt Bambi and my mother, Dolores” (translated from S. Lorenzetto, “Visti da lontano: il prezzo della vanità”, Marsilio, Venice 2011).

December 21, 2016