The elevators of the Marmolada Cableway


Two panoramic elevators were inaugurated to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of an extraordinary engineering project: the Marmolada Cableway, which in twelve minutes goes from the 1,450 meters of altitude of Malga Ciapela to the 3,265 of Punta Rocca, stopping at two stations in between.

The elevators are futuristic objects named after the two highest peaks in these mountains – Rocca and Penia – and climb a fourteen-meter drop that once could be covered only taking four flights of stairs.

Their glass doors allow eighty-four people to enjoy a particular view over wonderful scenery, with the towering “Queen” of the Dolomites standing out: the Marmolada, of course. The elevators climb up part of the south wall of the mountain, “a show of frank and sunny rock […], the modern wall par excellence, naked and disenchanted […] which has seen the most talented mountaineers in the Dolomites fall in love and climb”, to say it with writer and mountaineer Enrico Camanni.

But it is not only climbers and skiers who get on the Marmolada Cableway. Some visitors come here to find out more about the great, tragic events that hit Europe almost one century ago, transforming these paradisiac places into a hell of ice and fire: at the middle station of Serauta, at 2,950 meters of altitude, the Marmolada Museum of the Great War is the highest museum in Europe, and showcases a collection of vintage pieces to tell the story of soldiers’ life in high-altitude trenches.

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January 12, 2018

The elevators of the Marmolada Cableway

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