The ceramics Antonio Patanazzi did not sign

Antonio Patanazzi, anfora con coperchio, 1580, collezione privata - Urn with lid, 1580, private collection

Amphora with lid, 1580, private collection

Here is a series of ceramic works attributed to Antonio Patanazzi, an artist from Urbino whom we already encountered when visiting Antica Farmacia di Roccavaldina, in Sicily.

Patanazzi began his career in the first half of the 1500s as an apprentice in the workshop owned by his uncles – who just happened to be part of the Fontana family, renowned for their maiolicas. Patanazzi worked for them for such a long time that his works are often misattributed to them, perhaps also because he only ever signed three of his vases, two of which – made in 1580, just seven years before his death – are now kept at Antica Farmacia di Roccavaldina.

Here is a series dedicated to his beautiful maiolicas

November 2, 2015