The Castle of Torcrescenza: the beauty of weddings


Amongst the many philosophers who ever reflected on the issue of marriage, Søren Kierkegaard stands out for his austere view. Without pessimism nor irony, he praised the institution by noting, Marriage is and remains the most important voyage of discovery human beings undertake.

There are locations such as the Castle of Torcrescenza – just north of Rome in Grottarossa, immersed in a verdant estate on the left of Via Flaminia – where this journey is given the utmost importance: the magnificent fortress is Renaissance in style but originally built in the Middle Ages, and has statues, fountains, frescoes and works of art of great value. It is a splendid setting where many couples from the world over – including some celebrities – have decided to celebrate their wedding.

Once the property of the Crescenzi family, the Castle includes fountains, water games, terraces and gardens that make it the ideal location not only for wedding receptions but also for gala dinners, exhibitions, private parties, meetings and work lunches.

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February 2, 2018

The Castle of Torcrescenza: the beauty of weddings

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