The Caglieron Caves and the houses in Vittorio Veneto

Grotte del Caglieron, Fregona

We like to imagine the rocky gorges of the Caglieron Caves – in Breda, a hamlet in Fregona, Treviso – as the smithy of structural and decorative elements destined to pretty houses in the area. Indeed, the parapets and lintels of in and around Vittorio Veneto are often made of sandstone extracted from these deep and fascinating cavities since the 1500s.

The Caglieron Caves were created in part by the stream of the same name, constantly eroding what the locals call ‘piera dolze’ in dialect, meaning “tender stone”. The rest was done by men cutting, quarrying, and digging as far as they could.

Hard-working men risked their lives inside these obscure rock meanders, between pinnacles, spears, ice stalactites, and steep walls, under tall and thunderous waterfalls that dive into gigantic plunge pools.

We like to imagine that they felt some relief knowing their job would contribute to the world’s beauty.

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March 12, 2015

The Caglieron Caves and the houses in Vittorio Veneto

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