The bronze runners

In ancient Greece, runners competed in the ‘stadion’, the most prestigious event in the Olympic Games. The winner had the honor of giving his name to the Olympiad in which he triumphed, and to light the Olympic flame in the following games. Astylos of Croton, Oebotas of Dyme, Cylon of Athens…  the names of some of those athletes have crossed the centuries and reached the present.

Just like these two bronze statues from the 1st century BC (which are Roman replicas of the original Greek statues from the 4th century BC), now housed in the Naples National Archaeological Museum, after being found in the Villa of the Papyr in Ercolano.

Look at them: they are propelled towards their future victory, the glistening of gold already in their eyes.

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December 13, 2013

The bronze runners

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