The Basilica of Santa Giulia: intact wonder

Nobody knows for sure the year the Romanesque Basilica of Santa Giulia di Bonate Sotto, in the province of Bergamo, was founded. It was built in the Lesina area, named after a nearby creek, probably in the early 12th century.

According to folk tradition, it was founded by African martyr Saint Julia herself – although there is no proof that she ever even came to Italy. Others believe it was built by will of Lombard queen Theodelinda, but again there are no records to support this theory.

What we know for certain is that, while the Basilica was in ruins by the 14th century, what remains today – three apses, the first span and parts of the outer walls – is enough to keep its wonder perfectly intact.

Basilica of Santa Giulia
Bonate Sotto (Bergamo)
Via San Pietro, 3

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May 28, 2019