Tenoha, Japan in Milan

Tenoha is a multi-functional space in Milan that opened in 2018 to showcase the Japan’s values and aesthetic taste.

It is a concept store completely inspired by the beautiful eastern country, yet located inside a building on Via Vigevano, in the Tortona-Navigli district, that is as Milanese as they come: 2,500 square meters of a restored former 1930s’ factory.

The project was conceived by Sayu, an industrial group headquartered in Tokyo which has brought a little Italy to Japan for the past few years; now, they are experimenting in the opposite direction, opening up Italy’s doors to the culture of the Rising Sun.

At Tenoha, you can purchase numerous objects that express the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship and design; you can try the cafeteria or the restaurant – which can welcome a total of up to 130 guests – to savor a new spin on street food and local home cooking, or a mix of Italian and Japanese cuisine; or perhaps you can visit the area dedicated to events and installations, exhibitions, meetings and private parties, or take advantage of the co-working space and private offices available 24/7.

Welcome to Milan, Japan.

Milan, via Vigevano 18
+39 02 80889147

Photos via:
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April 5, 2019