Siata Daina Gran Sport, the little Ferrari


Here is the Siata Daina Gran Sport, well known in 1950s’ United States as the “little Ferrari”, due to its amazing speed.

According to some scrupulous and “investigative” fans, the photos in our gallery portray one of the eight Daina Gran Sport that still exist in the world today: a “type A” model manufactured in 1952, which can be recognized from the peculiar shape of its front hood.

Siata – acronym of Società italiana applicazioni tecniche auto-aviatorie – was a Turin-based company active from 1926 to 1970; between 1950 and 1958, it manufactured some two hundred Dainas, in both coupé (mostly with a body by Bertone) and roadster versions (assembled in the Piedmontese city’s Stabilimenti Farina until 1953).

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October 26, 2017