Sergio Tofano and “I cavoli a merenda”

Sergio Tofano I cavoli a merenda

"Quel che successe ad Aniceto perché un babbo, una mamma e quattro nonni non andavano d'accordo"

You may remember our first article on Sergio Tofano (Rome, 1886-1973) and his “Signor Bonaventura”, or the second one, in which we mentioned that the great illustrator, playwright, costume and set designer, director, actor, poet, and theater company leader… was also a writer, and illustrated his own novellas.

Here is a gallery of images from a series of his enjoyable short stories, “I cavoli a Merenda” (literally, “cabbage for snack”, an Italian expression that indicates something completely at odds with the context).

Photos via: illustrations from: Sto, “Qui comincia l’avventura del Signor Bonaventura”, Rizzoli, Milano 1974

August 14, 2014