S’Archittu, indescribable beauty

S'Archittu, Baia di Is Arenas, comune di Cuglieri (Oristano)

Alberto La Marmora (1789-1863), a general of the Savoy army and a cartographer, collected memories from his many visits to beautiful Sardinia in his “Voyage en Sardaigne”, where he mentions, “I will not speak of some of the small hills in this same promontory, and in the nearby side: some of them look like they were carved by man – one of them is known as S’Archittu”.

La Marmora was writing about the bay where he, like many of his fellow scholars, located the “Coracodes Portus” – the ancient port of Cornus, a city-state founded in the 6th century BC, which later became a Roman colony and eventually a Paleochristian settlement.

As the brief excerpt we quoted demonstrates, the explorers and researchers of the time focused on history and did not dwell much on the beauty of the location, leaving no description of the white limestone that dominates the landscape’s palette, and spending little time celebrating the splendid, fifteen-meter-tall rocky bridge that the location is named after (“s’archittu” is Sardinian dialect for “small arch”).

And indeed, such wonderful view might leave you speechless too.

©Giacomo Bernardi, ©Piercarlo Bacchi, ©Alessandro Cani, ©luciano bilenchi

July 18, 2017

S’Archittu, indescribable beauty

Baia di Is Arenas, municipality of Cuglieri (Oristano)