Rome’s Open Baladin

The Open Baladin opened in Rome, at Campo dei Fiori, in Septemper 2009, immediately emerging as one of the most representative venues of the Italian craft beer “movement”.

Its history, however, can be tracked back to 1986, when the first Le Baladin alehouse opened in Piozzo, a small town in Cuneo’s Langhe, in Piedmont. After it turned into a “brewpub” in 1996, the first Baladin craft beers were launched on the market.

Piozzo is where Teo Musso started his adventure. Born in 1964, he achieved success thanks to a combination of creativity and innovation, with a completely new approach to how the ancient beverage is produced and tasted.

As a craftsman and entrepreneur, Musso has won a plethora of national and international awards. And his ability to expand his company’s capacity is impressive: he went from using his parents’ chicken coop in Piozzo for the fermentation process in 2000, to growing 68 hectares of barley in Melfi, Basilicata, in 2011.

In almost thirty years of activity, Musso’s company has produced dozens of different craft beers, opening establishments in Italy and abroad, providing work for a multitude of people.

Constantly brewing ideas and hard work…

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December 10, 2013

Rome’s Open Baladin

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