Rasiglia, the little Venice of Umbria


Some say that to truly enjoy Rasiglia – a beautiful medieval town in Umbria, in the province of Foligno – you need at least three days. Never mind the fact that it is one of the very few people who live here who says so, and he might be the most unexpectedly patriotic person in this community of thirty or so.

Actually, we might warn you that just one look at this small town – crossed by so many rivers it is known as “little Venice of Umbria” and “Village of streams” – and you will immediately be charmed.

Founded between three springs, it has clear waters lapping houses and poetic lakes in place of squares.

Rasiglia is also home to beautiful monuments – such as the Trinci Castle and the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Graces, with its religious 15th-century frescoes – and is dotted of industrial archaeology sites, such as the remains of old fulling mills, grain mills, wool and dyeing factories.

Take the pleasant trip and see for yourself!

Photos via: ©Salvatore Alfieri, ©Aqui78

August 8, 2018

Rasiglia, the little Venice of Umbria

Rasiglia (Foligno, Perugia)