Radicepura, a dream in bloom

Radicepura Garden Festival, Giarre, Catania

Giarre, in the province of Catania, is ready for the first Radicepura Garden Festival, launching on April 21st: an international event providing a wonderful green destination for garden lovers, institutions, enterprises, designers, experts in landscape, architecture and art – with a program that goes on until October 21st, 2017, with fourteen gardens, 800 plant species and over 5,000 varieties.

What exactly is Radicepura? It’s 3,000 plant species gathered on an estate of just five hectares, a seed bank, a venue for conferences and private events… It’s a charming and multifunctional space at the heart of Sicily, between Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea. It’s the dream-come-true of Venerando Faro, who in the 1960s found here the ideal place for his long experience in international floriculture to flourish into something more.

Radicepura is a complex designed with facilities for convention tourism, but also as a destination of excellence for landscape designers, researchers, garden designers and anyone with a passion for gardens.

From educational botanical tours to corporate conventions, and from guided walks through the park to the observation of the Mediterranean flora, Radicepura aims to meet any desire and need with the best level of style and functionality.

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April 19, 2017

Radicepura, a dream in bloom

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