“Postmodernissimo”: post-modernism overcome by authenticity


The debate over what “post-modern” is has been going on for years, in art and literature, architecture, philosophy and show business – with a special focus on what might come after it. Foligno has a clear answer: after post-modern, comes “Postmodernissimo”.

Plays on words aside, “Postmodernissimo” is a special place, designed to offer high quality cinema, shows and visual arts. It is named after the “Modernissimo d’Essai”, a historical cinema in Perugia that shut down in 2000. Its goal is to showcase “cinema that puts the viewer center stage. An idea of art and society, of education and participation at the very heart of the city center. Three screens where you can enjoy the best movies of the season, and more.”

Perhaps this is exactly what we need to move beyond “post-modern”, whose long sunset – according to British author Edward Docx – is currently leaving us in a sad state of aesthetic and moral confusion. Docx suggests there is hope for the future in three ideas: specificity, values and authenticity, which stand in stark contrast to post-modernism. “Thus we are entering a new era. We might try to call it the ‘Age of Authenticity’”.

Now, “Postmodernissimo” is all this, and more.

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August 10, 2018

“Postmodernissimo”: post-modernism overcome by authenticity

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