Poecylia Resort, pixel-proof beauty

Poecylia Resort Isola di San Pietro Carloforte Sardegna

If you live in a constant rush, forget about stopping at the Poecylia Resort. Don’t even bother coming to San Pietro Island, Sardinia, if you cannot live without your cell phone and laptop.

In this slice of paradise, just a few kilometers from Genoa’s old colony Carloforte – an enclave for the Ligurian dialect in Sardinia – being online and connected suddenly stops being so important. Your thoughts start wandering elsewhere, and everything slows down. Here, the frenzied and often ephemeral communication of the Third Millennium and the anxiety of all-important emails disappear, among the bougainvilleas and typical Mediterranean shrubland, between the pebbles on the beach and the wind blowing from the sea.

The Poecylia Resort is a place of pixel-proof beauty – open to anyone who wants to stop and remember that beauty exists, even in a world without pixels.

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July 18, 2014

Poecylia Resort, pixel-proof beauty

Isola di San Pietro, Carloforte (CI)
località Becco
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