Pisa’s luggage labels and Leopardi

Pisa, etichette da valigia - luggage labels

Here we are in Pisa. We can add another label to our suitcase, and this time we travel with great poet Giacomo Leopardi, who stayed in the Tuscan city from November 1827 to the middle of 1828.

On November 12th 1827, he wrote to his sister Paolina on his third day in Pisa:

The look of Pisa I much prefer to that of Florence. This lung’Arno is such a beautiful sight, so ample, so magnificent, so joyful, so mirthful, that it makes you love it: I have never seen the like, be it in Florence or Milan or Rome.

You can take pleasant strolls in the winter because there almost always is an air of spring: at certain times of day that road is full of people, full of coaches and pedestrians; one can hear speak ten or twenty languages, the sun shines brightly there among the gildings of the coffee bars, on the shops full of fine things, and in the palace windows and those of the houses, all of a fine architecture.

For the rest, Pisa is a mixture of big city and small city, of city and country folk, such a romantic mixture that I have never seen the like of. To all its other beauties is to be added the fine tongue.

November 28, 2016