Pesariis, the town of clocks

Pesariis, Udine, paese degli orologi - clock town

Pesariis, in the province of Udine, is known for its clocks. “Time machines” have been manufactured here since the 18th century – officially since 1725, when the Solari company was founded: wall-mounted clocks, bell tower clocks, water and striking clocks, but also sun dials, pendulum clocks, clocks that register and stamp cards, clocks with writing needles, with split-flap displays…

This was where wonderful chronometric instruments were made, to be exported for centuries throughout Italy and the world.

This splendid corner of Carnia sums up the history of Italian mechanical watch making, which began in the Middle Ages. You can sense the poetry and rhythm of passing time. You can almost hear Dante’s verses, and his simile with heavenly souls’ singing and dancing, Then, as a horologe that calleth us / What time the Bride of God is rising up… (“Paradise”, canto X). There are echoes of Leopardi’s “Memories”, from the town clock-tower comes / The sound that strikes the hour, and Pascoli’s melancholic sound of the hours […] carried by the wind / moving through the hidden mountain village (“Barga’s Hour”).

Find the time – and waste some, even – to visit Pesariis, the town of clocks.

Photos via: ©Renzo Agostinis, ©dopr, ©decrescitapesariis

August 7, 2015

Pesariis, the town of clocks

Pesariis, frazione di Prato Carnico (Ud)
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