Peppino Campanella: water and light

Peppino Campanella Atelier Polignano a Mare

Glass is “solid water” to art designer Peppino Campanella, based in the beautiful old village of Polignano a Mare, Apulia, which rises on a cliff overhanging the Adriatic Sea.

Campanella graduated in architecture from Florence University in 1988, and then returned to his hometown. He turned an abandoned oil mill into his atelier – or “glass workshop”, as he likes to call it – and gave it a new life. He came back to “let light shine” out of stone, glass, and seashells.

“I work on glass with a hammer, just like men in the Neolithic Age made their basic hunting tools out of flint stone”, says Campanella.

His sculpture-lamps – renowned and sold all over the world – are the fruit of a laborious compromise between artistic creativity and functional needs: the blows of the hammer descend on siliceous transparencies in step with an incredibly accurate pentagram.

Campanella’s workshop is a chamber of wonders, a permanent collection of his works and of creations by other contemporary artists.

This is where solid water lights up with art, between white walls surrounded by more water – the sea – and more, infinite light.

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July 29, 2014

Peppino Campanella: water and light

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