Palazzo Sacchetti, the invincible attraction of beauty

Palazzo Sacchetti

Sala dei Mappamondi, con gli affreschi delle "Storie di David" di Francesco Salviati

As soon as we enter the Globe Hall in Palazzo Sacchetti, Rome, our attention gravitates towards the two globes made at the end of the 17th century by Venetian cartographer Vincenzo Coronelli. Phones and cameras are promptly extracted to snap a photo of them for an Instagram update or blog post.

Photographs are not usually allowed inside this gorgeous Renaissance building on Via Giulia, which Antonio da Sangallo the Younger designed to be his own abode, striving to create the “perfect palace”. You can see it, however, in a few scenes of “The Great Beauty”, this year’s winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign-language Film.

“Italian Ways” was granted the privilege of visiting Palazzo Sacchetti to capture exclusive images of the rooms decorated with frescoes by Francesco Salviati and Pietro da Cortona, and had the pleasure of sharing this opportunity with some Italian and foreign bloggers who have a passion for Rome’s beauty.

Here are the photos taken on that occasion, on the morning of Saturday April 12, by Renato Cerisola.

Photos via: Italian Ways – Renato Cerisola

May 1, 2014

Palazzo Sacchetti, the invincible attraction of beauty

Via Giulia, 66