Opificio JM in Prato

Opificio JM, in Prato (Tuscany), is John Malkovich’s concept store. It is not the first time that the star’s initials are lent to the name of a business: there was a fictitious JM Inc. in Spike Jonze’s 1999 fantasy film, “Being John Malkovich”. Evidently, there is more to “being John Malkovich” than just being a successful actor.

Opificio JM, founded in 2010 by Malkovich and four local entrepreneurs, has quickly gained a reputation for highlighting the region’s excellent traditional craftsmanship.

The store in Prato champions the ideal of short distribution chain: it promotes the sale of local products of art, craftsmanship and design – with a penchant for the flavors of local cuisine – leaving out large industrial companies, which inevitably translate deeply-rooted traditions into dull, globalized imitations. Thus Opificio JM only offers products that are the region’s mark of excellence – their unique qualities unscathed by commercial goals of worldwide success.

Being John Malkovich, all in all, means this too.

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December 11, 2013

Opificio JM in Prato

Piazza San Marco, 39
+39 0574 870500