Open Villas in Brianza: don’t miss your chance

Villa Trivulzio, Agrate Brianza (Monza e Brianza), “Ville aperte in Brianza”

Villa Trivulzio, Agrate Brianza (Monza and Brianza)

What shall we do over the next two weekends? If you plan on being in Brianza, don’t miss “Open Villas in Brianza”, a wonderful cultural initiative that is now gearing up for its 13th edition.

The project started in 2003 and was later developed by the Province of Monza and Brianza to allow everyone to visit over one hundred cultural heritage sites scattered in this special corner of Lombardy, North of Milan, between the Adda and Seveso rivers and the pre-Alpine valleys where the Lambro originates. The “ville gentilizie” – also known as “ville di delizia” – were built over the centuries by rich families from Milan, who came to this area for their holidays.

Since many of these aristocratic “buenos retiros” are not open to the public during the year, make sure you visit over the last weekend in September (Saturday the 24th or Sunday the 25th) and the first weekend in October (Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd).

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September 23, 2016

Open Villas in Brianza: don’t miss your chance

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