Odol toothpaste and illustrations by Bakisfigus

Il dentifricio Odol e le illustrazioni di Bakisfigus - Odol toothpaste and Bakisfigus illustrations

Here is a series of advertisement posters for Odol toothpaste, designed by Bakisfigus – born Bachisio Secondo Figus (1905-1990) – a graphic designer and illustrator from Sardinia. Bakisfigus moved to Milan in the 1930s and became famous for his streamlined and essential figurative style.

In the 1930s, Bakisfigus created illustrations to advertise a variety of Italian consumer products: Odol toothpaste with its typical black and blue colors, Sole soap, Saffa matches, Ramazzotti liqueur… He also created folk and commemorative postcards, such as a famous series dedicated to the hero/aviator Francesco Baracca.

Odol toothpaste entrusted its advertisement campaigns to other famous artists too. In 1902, Giacomo Puccini (composer of “La Bohème”, “Turandot”, “Madame Butterfly” and “Tosca”) wrote an ode to the product, based on various play on words revolving around the brand’s name (published on Just 13th of that year on “Illustrazione Italiana”).

In 1903, actress Irma Gramatica (1867- 1962) – “brilliant in molding the eternal feminine” – became the face of the brand, with a photo of her profile paired with the caption, “Odol has been an essential part of my beauty routine for years. It is superlatively delicious, hygienic, practical.”

June 13, 2016