Nino Migliori: beauty by candlelight

Nino Migliori, “Lumen. Leoni e metope del Duomo di Modena”


After interviewing him a few years ago, we are happy to showcase photographer Nino Migliori’s more recent work – where all he needed to highlight beauty was the faint glow of a candle.

Migliori captured the metopes and lions of the Modena Duomo – a beautiful Romanesque cathedral dedicated to Saint Mary of the Assumption and Saint Geminiano – with the help of a feeble flame.

Until June 5th 2016, Palazzo Santa Margherita will hold an exhibition of this “romantic” work, titled “Lumen. Leoni e metope del Duomo di Modena”. Palazzo Santa Margherita is one of the two venues of Modena’s Civic Gallery, which organized the event in collaboration with Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena, Duomo Museums and the UNESCO World Heritage Coordination Board.

The Latin word “lumen” can be variously interpreted and, depending on the context, can mean “light” or “lamp”, “look”, “glory”, “splendor”, “life”, or “perspective”. All terms that can be used to describe this wonderful exhibition.

For example, we can say that the 64 unpublished photographs Nino Migliori took – using a small lamp as a light source – tell us about the life of these ancient sculptures from an amazing perspective, showing us their glory and splendor unaffected by the passage time.

“Lumen” is all this and much more.

Photos via: ©Nino Migliori

May 12, 2016

Nino Migliori: beauty by candlelight

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