Myths and ferns of the Hair of Venus waterfalls

Cascate “Capelli di Venere”, Rio Bussentino, comune di Casaletto Spartano - waterfalls

It’s hard to imagine a sweeter and more poetic name for a waterfall than “Hair of Venus” (in Italian, Cascata dei Capelli di Venere), and a more fitting analogy for the fine water trickles generated by Rio Bussentino in the municipality of Casaletto Spartano, Salerno.

Yet the etymology of the “divine” name actually reveals it was not inspired by Aphrodite’s beautiful mane – the golden hair of Botticelli’s Venus in the gentle breeze breathed by Aura and Zephyr – but by the so-called venus hair fern, which thrives in this area.

Within a hundred kilometers from this amazing natural garden – part of the protected “Capello Area” where a dense and shaded vegetation plays hide and seek with sunlight – you can visit extraordinary sights such as Paestum, Velia, the Pertosa Caves and the Padula Charterhouse.

Not to mention, of course, the magnificent Cilento coast.

Photos via: ©elio gargiulo, ©Maurizio Villani

April 4, 2017

Myths and ferns of the Hair of Venus waterfalls

Casaletto Spartano (Salerno)