Music gives beautiful territories new life

The Casa della Musica (Music House) in Pieve di Cento is part of the Workshop Ricostruzione program launched after an earthquake hit the area in 2012. Designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, the building now offers modern and adequate structures for two of the municipality’s schools: Circolo di Musica Pievese and the local middle school specializing in music studies.

The architectural concept was inspired by traditional orchestras: a small square allows for people to gather or spread out and connects nine single-instrument laboratories, which are independent yet belong to an “ensemble”, just like the sections of an orchestra. The project’s signature material is wood, representing musical instruments’ soundboards, with oak paneling to contain and amplify sound. The exterior slats, also in oak, guarantee optimal energy performances.

At night, the structure lights up and looks like a huge lantern – a constant comfort and encouragement for citizens to bring back creativity and recreational activities to the local territory, giving it new life after such harsh natural disaster..

Photographs © Moreno Maggi

July 3, 2017

Music gives beautiful territories new life

Pieve di Cento (BO)