Murals and happiness in Diamante

There are over one hundred and fifty murals decorating Diamante, in Calabria. One of them says, “La bellezza è un desiderio di felicità” (“Beauty is a desire for happiness”) – and reminds us of Stendhal’s statement, “Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness.”

Promise, desire: words that hint at something incomplete, like an allusion, a clue, a feeling of hope.

In 1981, established and emerging artists started to paint their creativity on the walls of this small town in the province of Cosenza, each one focusing on a different theme and subject. Covering Diamante’s buildings with images was painter Nanni Razzetti’s idea: after he pitched “Operazione murales” to the local authorities and got the green light, eighty-three colleagues of his started using the city as their easel.

And more murals keep appearing on the walls: the quest for beauty continues, constantly chasing an ineffable promise of happiness.

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April 29, 2014

Murals and happiness in Diamante

Diamante (Cs)