MUDEC: born in Milan, at the heart of Africa

Mudec, Museo delle Culture, Milano

On March 27, Milan’s new MUDEC (Museum of Cultures) opened in Via Tortona, 56, inside a former Ansaldo industrial complex.

The exhibition space is a multi-disciplinary hub extending over 17,000 square meters, and aspires to become a permanent lab for research, documentation, and popularization of the creative and artistic activity of people from every continent.

The museum was designed by London-based architect David Chipperfield, adding to the prestige of his thirty-year-long career, dotted with projects spread all over the world – including Salerno’s Cittadella Giudiziaria – as well as flagship stores for Dolce e Gabbana, Valentino, Olivetti and Alessi.

MUDEC is inaugurating with “Africa. La terra degli spiriti” (“Africa. Land of the Spirits”), open until August 30. Curated by Claudia Zevi, the exhibition showcases a brilliant selection of almost three hundred old and new artifacts, dating as far back as the Middle Ages and as recent as the 20th century: objects that offer interesting glimpses of a culture that appears wonderfully distant and different, and yet is obviously somehow near to our everyday reality.

Side by side with Africa, the Lombard capital is portrayed in the exhibition “Mondi a Milano” (“Worlds in Milan”), which tells the story of the city through the most important events it hosted in the 19th and 20th centuries, such as the various editions of the Biennale and Triennale. What a great way to explore the extraordinary relationships between one of Italy’s leading cities and non-European cultures.

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April 21, 2015

MUDEC: born in Milan, at the heart of Africa

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