Montefalcone Appennino and the mysterious Sibillini Mountains


Montefalcone Appennino, in the province of Fermo, is an old medieval municipality perched on a rocky spur some 750 meters up high, facing the Sibillini Mountains – which author Guido Piovene described as “the most legendary mountains in Central Italy”.

They are the same peaks Leopardi observed when, in his “Memories” he evoked “immense thoughts” and “sweet dreams”, inspired by “those azure hills” where so many myths were born over the centuries. The iconic Italian poet hoped to travel past them one day, imagining “secret worlds / and arcane delights” awaited beyond them.

According to legend, the caves and paths that climb up and down the Sibillini are populated by dancing fairies who steal horses and kidnap young men to take them into imaginary worlds.

For centuries, Montefalcone has observed the profile of this Apennine massif. The little Marche village – full of history and amazing architecture and art from its past, like so many other small Italian towns – seems to look at the Sibillini’s snowy peaks, wondering about their mysterious inhabitants.

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December 10, 2018