Matera’s Musma

Matera’s Museum of Contemporary Sculpture (Museo della scultura contemporanea di Matera – Musma) brings contemporary art in the grottos of the famous ‘Sassi di Matera’ (Stones of Matera).

A plentiful collection of sculptures was showcased in the hypogea of Lucania in 2006, finding its ideal shelter beneath the underground vaults, protected in the small niches carved in the calcareous walls, where each piece is displayed on tuff blocks.

Part of the collection – which represents a remarkable contribution to the history of Italian and international sculpture from the 1800s to the present day – is housed at the XVI-century, three-story-high Palazzo Pomarici, which the locals call “One-Hundred-Room Palace”.

The Museum is home to works of art created with the most varied range of materials and techniques – donated by artists, critics and international galleries – as well as to the collection belonging to “Circolo La Scaletta”, a Matera-based association that has organized exhibitions inside the Sassi since 1978. There are drawings, jewelry, medals, engravings, and even books: the Scheiwiller Library includes about 2,500 volumes, comprising a range of monographs and catalogs.

There is new, original art in the town made of stone, as contemporary beauty now lives where an ancient cave civilization left its traces.

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August 31, 2015

Matera’s Musma

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