Masseria Brusca, art and poetry in Apulia

Masseria Brusca, Nardò, Lecce

Masseria Brusca – in Nardò, Lecce, a few hundred meters from the Ionian Sea – was founded in the 18th century when the current structure was born out of a series of additions on the original 16th-century building.

Finely decorated with 1700s’ frescoes and surrounded by a charming garden with statues representing the Continents, it features a Neoclassic entrance and includes a late 18th-century church dedicated to the Immaculate Virgin: Masseria Brusca is a beautiful place that strikes the imagination of travelers and poets.

One of them was Raffaele Crovi, who wrote in a lyric of his about Apulia (1934-2007): <q>Terre di allori, lentischi, biancospini, / di pesche, gelsi, querce, susini / che accerchiano gli spazi / su cui crescono / castelli e masserie, / da cui partono vie / che conducono a città / d’ombra e di luce / che riempiono il vuoto / trasformandolo in mondo…</q> (“Lands of laurels, mastic trees, hawthorns, / peach, mulberry, oak, and plum trees / encircling spaces / where castles / and farms grow, / from which streets / lead to cities / of shadow and light / that fill the void / turning it into the world…”, from “Terre di Puglia”, in “Diario del Sud”, Manni Editori, San Cesario di Lecce 2005).

Photos via: ©leo mansueto, ©Carmelo Raineri, ©ferpero01, ©Mino Presicce, ©nardoonline, ©Gianni Carluccio

August 20, 2015

Masseria Brusca, art and poetry in Apulia

Nardò (Le)
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