Marionettes by Luigi Veronesi, for “L’Histoire du soldat” by Stravinskij

Luigi Veronesi, marionette per l'Histoire du soldat

Luigi Veronesi (1908-1998) was a Milanese set designer, photographer, painter, and director. He created the marionettes we showcase today in 1942, for what Igor Stravinsky himself called his “crazy endeavor”, mixing theater and music. In 1918, during his stay in Paris – due to political reasons – the Russian composer produced “L’Histoire du soldat” (or “The Soldier’s Tale”), a chamber opera based on the German legend of Faust.

“L’Histoire du soldat” in Veronesi’s staging was performed again in 1981, at Milan’s Piccola Scala.

Veronesi, who also designed the set for Stravinsky’s work, once said, “Marionettes are perfect theatrical machines to me, because they can do – with due limitations – everything an actor will never be able to do. They are, all in all, the ideal theatrical instrument. They free the imagination. They are a tool for infinite inventions.”

May 18, 2015