Marcello Mascherini’s women

Marcello Mascherini

Marcello Mascherini (Udine, 1906 – Padua, 1983) was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. Poet Alfonso Gatto – who wrote his biography – described him as an “extremely civilized” and “barbaric” artist at the same time. He had a passion for women, and in some of his works was able to tell, through a plastic language that only seemed archaic, the story of his willing submission to seduction.

In 1943, Mascherini said that in the past he had been deeply struck by some Etruscan bronze statuettes: in his work, he obviously fleshed out that first inspiration mixing it with the influence of his friend and fellow sculptor Arturo Martini.

Here are some of his ancient, yet very modern, women.

November 19, 2014