Luggage labels from the mountain peaks: the Aosta Valley

Valle d'Aosta, etichette da valigia - Aosta Valley, luggage labels

Today we stop in the Aosta Valley, the smallest of Italy’s regions and the richest in Alpine wonders. Choose any of these colorful luggage labels to add to the imaginary suitcase we have been carrying with us in our tour of the country.

In the first half of the 1800s, one British traveler – like many others in his day – set out for his wonderful Grand Tour from the Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa, Monte Cervino, and Gran Paradiso:

“Harry Seymour wrote to his sister.
Courmayeur, August 13th

My dear Jane,

I wish I could describe the beauty of the places we came by today, or at least give you a vivid image of what has left such an impression in my mind. I am not surprised that people living in the Alpine regions are so attached to their homeland. While the memory of a town in the plains can be rich, but never leaves persistent traces, the sight of the mountains inevitably makes a strong and compelling impression in your memory” (translated from P. Malvezzi, “Viaggiatori inglesi in Valle d’Aosta”, Edizioni di Comunità, Rome 1972).

Now, to jog your memory, you have a picturesque luggage label too.

October 23, 2015

Luggage labels from the mountain peaks: the Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley