Lodi’s Vegetable Cathedral

Cattedrale Vegetale di Giuliano Mauri, a Lodi

On April 23rd 2017, the third Vegetable Cathedral by Giuliano Mauri – the master of “natural architecture”, who passed away in 2009 – was inaugurated thanks to the efforts of the artist’s children.

After the first one created in 2001 in Borgo Valsugana, Trento for the “Arte Sella” festival, and the second one built in Oltre il Colle, Bergamo (which we wrote about in a previous article), the third Cathedral is located in Lodi, the artist’s hometown, in the so-called “Ex Sicc” area, on the left bank of river Adda.

The architecture extends over some 1,600 square meters, and is 72 meters long, 22 meters wide and 18 meters tall. It is made up of 108 wooden columns.

“My goal,” Mauri once explained, “is to overcome the contrast between culture and nature, letting human work become one with the natural cycle of growth and decay.”

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May 11, 2017

Lodi’s Vegetable Cathedral