Light and silence at the Tommaso Pedrotti-Tosa mountain hut

Two particular trekkers once stopped between the Dolomites and the river Brenta to write a few verses: “perhaps the God of chamois and men / lives among sparkling / pinnacles and spires”. Among the rough peaks of ancient mountains that rise West of the Adige, “where the lake is an altar / and firs are candelabra / and clouds are incense”, they realized that “a single breath makes us all the same, / and announces and presages a time / when silence will turn into light, / and light into silence”.

Aldo G. B. Rossi and Giovanni Cristini dedicated to these wonderful mountains a series of poems they wrote together (“Cartoline dalle Dolomiti del Brenta”, 1985). Their lyrics hint at an incredible beauty… and those who truly loves words, and know their limitations, know that in this case writing can be nothing more than a humble echo, a small approximation of reality.

The Tommaso Pedrotti-Tosa mountain hut is a vestibule to such natural beauty. It is made up of two buildings: the Tosa hut, built in 1881, remains the smaller one despite various extensions; the Pedrotti hut is slightly higher up on the mountain, at 2,491 meters above sea level, and was built in the early 20th century and later underwent various renovations, also towards increasing its size.

This is a perfect base for men who want to try wonderful, beyond-words ascensions, and is the place where they return from their adventures, and “together, / drink red wine, viaticum and hope / for those who leave, and those who stay / in every man’s endless mystery.”

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June 25, 2014

Light and silence at the Tommaso Pedrotti-Tosa mountain hut

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