Latemarium and the color of the Dolomites


From the Latemarium panoptic platform, located at 2,200 meters of altitude, you can enjoy an amazing view over the Latemar and the wonderful surrounding Dolomites.

It is an unparalleled rocky embrace, especially at dawn and sunset – when the walls of the mountains turn an iridescent hue, ranging from reddish to violet. The phenomenon is known as Alpenglow, or “enrosadira” in Italian, from the Ladin word meaning “to turn pink”.

Some observers, however, have been unable to pinpoint the exact color of these mountains. Writer Dino Buzzati, for example, once wrote:

“Can you actually find an adjective that defines its exact color, so different from that of other mountains? Every time that I go up the mountain and see it, I tremble with emotion, bringing back poignant memories.”

“No, an appropriate adjective does not exist. More than a precise color it is an essence, perhaps an evanescent substance that from dawn to sunset takes the most curious reflections (grey, silver, pink, yellow, purple, blue, sepia); yet it is always the same, just like the human face does not change if the skin is pale or sunburnt” (translated from D. Buzzati, “I fuorilegge della montagna. Uomini e imprese alpinistiche”, Mondadori, Milan 2010).

July 2, 2018

Latemarium and the color of the Dolomites

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