“La Storica”, beautiful fun on wheels

Unione Ciclistica Finalborgo organized the first edition of “La Storica” in 2008. Its rules are similar to those set by Siena’s “Eroica”, which also strives to keep the memory of vintage bicycle racing alive. The cycling event retraces the route of the Milan-Sanremo, the so-called “Classicissima”, which held its first edition in 1907.

The best bicycle racers of all time sprinted along these streets: Coppi, for example, won three editions of the Milan-Sanremo (the speaker, announcing his victory in 1946, said “First place, Coppi. While we wait for the second to arrive, we’ll put on some music…”).

The seventh edition of the “Storica” will be on April 26-27, 2014.  This year, the event is twinned with the “Fantozzi Trophy, the World Cup for Un-Gifted Racers”. The latter, named after a clumsy anti-hero played by comedian Paolo Villaggio in a series of popular Italian movies, was established in 1991 as a joke… but is now so successful that over one thousand self-deprecating athletes participate, riding some very extravagant two-wheelers.

After all, as writer Vasco Pratolini said, the world is not made up only of champions, but also of “runners who arrive late, damned souls that Dante forgot to write about”.

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April 25, 2014

“La Storica”, beautiful fun on wheels

Pietra Ligure