La Rinascente’s home by Lora Lamm

Lora Lamm, La Rinascente

Illustrator and graphic designer Lora Lamm (Arosa, 1928) was born in Switzerland but moved to Milan in 1953.

There she started working for Studio Boggeri because she wanted to be part of the extraordinary creative fervor that was taking over Italy in those years, in graphic design and beyond.

In 1954, thanks to the help of her fellow countryman and colleague Max Huber, Lamm had the opportunity to work for the advertisement and communication department at La Rinascente, the famous department store company founded in Milan in 1865.

In 1958, Lora Lamm became head of La Rinascente’s creative department, where she worked until 1962, impressing her very personal style on catalogs, poster ads, brochures, and various other advertisement material.

Here is a selection of her works, focused on the products for the home sold by the Milanese chain.

October 9, 2015