La Loggia dei Militi and Cremona’s administration

Loggia dei Militi, Cremona, Piazza del Comune

A rectangular-layout building with merlons has been on Piazza del Comune in Cremona for over seven centuries: the Loggia dei Militi (Soldier’s Loggia), built in 1292 for the city’s armed forces’ meetings and government assemblies.

The elegant Lombard Gothic architecture with porticoes can be associated with typical medieval “brodoletti” – palaces where the city administration meetings were held.

The brick building features magnificent Gothic arches, cotto ogival mullioned windows and arrowhead battlements. It is divided into two spaces one above the other, so society meetings could be held on the top floor.

The portico is also home to a sculpture of Hercules, Cremona’s legendary founder, represented in two versions – according to tradition, one looking towards the city and one towards the countryside – while holding the city emblem.

Photos via: ©Marco Sarain, ©Mattia Bocchi, ©DeM – Damiano Ermenegildo Meneghetti, ©Danilo Manzoni, ©Andrea Delli Carpini Mauro, ©David Nicholls, ©klausbergheimer

January 11, 2017

La Loggia dei Militi and Cremona’s administration

Piazza del Comune