Kisses in the mail

We can’t get enough. Even Catullus asked for “a thousand kisses, then a hundred. / Then, another thousand, and a second hundred. / Then, yet another thousand, and a hundred…”

Perhaps that is why painter Giovanni Nanni (1888-1965) made kisses the subject of so many of the postcards he illustrated. Traveling kisses, postmarked and delivered to faraway lovers, to confirm unwavering loyalty (or clandestine affairs), or to voice the unspeakable emotions sparked by a goodbye – whether forever or for now.

Some are French (or Florentine) kisses, holding hands, arms around the shoulders, or tousling hair, only after closing languid, dreamy eyes to shed in the darkness any distracting, useless details.

This is a sample of a potentially infinite collection, since, as Marcel Proust wrote, “Every kiss provokes another”.

March 17, 2014